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We do Corporate Catering. But not like you think.


In fact, it’s not like a lot of things. And that’s why it’s better. Sure, it’s catering. But not the kind you’re thinking of. Because we don’t do it the way anyone else does. We’re different. And that difference is what makes our franchise concept unique.

What We Aren't

There’s no evenings. There’s no weekends. And we don’t do any social events. At all. No picnics, birthday parties or kids’ events. None. Ever. Just professional business functions. So you only deal with business professionals.

In a nutshell, we deliver food for business meetings. That means we work regular business hours. And since we focus only on serving business customers, owning one of our franchises is your access to an exciting and profitable business model without any of the typical hurdles and headaches that come with running a restaurant.

Pull up a seat and learn more.

We welcome you to join our family of franchise affiliates.

About Us

Learn all about our vision and the mission that drives us. Get to know our leadership team and why we’re the best foodservice franchise model in the business.

Your Franchise Opportunity

Learn what you’re getting into. And, maybe more importantly, what you are not getting into. Our franchise model offers all kinds of prospects for growth and the profits that follow.

A buffet of opportunities awaits.

Getting Started

We make getting started easy. We’ll give you an overview of the business, including bringing you to Miami to show you a working model of the business, and what makes it hum. Of course, to learn all our secrets, you’ll need to buy a franchise of your own!

A buffet of opportunities awaits.


There are many financing options available to help you secure your Corporate Caterers franchise. Learn about what options are available to you, and how we can help.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re as excited as we are to explore this unique opportunity, and want to take the first step to owning your own franchise, keep reading.

Top 100 Game Changers!

Franchise Dictionary Magazine

Corporate Caterers has been included in the Franchise Dictionary Magazine’s TOP 100 Game Changers!


Average Gross Sales


Average Sales Increase
Experienced double didget year over year sales growth.


You probably have questions. We’ll answer as many as we can, here.


Hear from others who, like you got excited by our business model and have made the decision to own their success story.

Schedule a webinar

Meet with our VP of Sales. He’ll take you through our unique business model and give you a feel for the brand.

All Things Franchising

Listen to Larry Powell VP of Sales speak with Linda Ballesteros, host of All Things Franchising.

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